BERN Brighton Helmet EPS Matte Black Flowers with Audio Knit Women

BERN Brighton Helmet EPS Matte Black Flowers with Audio Knit Women

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BERN BRIGHTON all season helmet with detachable liner.


The helmet's unique design makes it suitable for both winter and summer sports , and even for water.

In addition, only BERN has a warm inner liner with soft fleece trim inside, gives the impression that you are not wearing a helmet but a hat, and these helmet inserts are completely autonomous and can be sold separately. Having bought a helmet in winter, in summer you simply remove the knitted liner and the helmet is ready for use.


This model features a built-in ventilation Stealth Slider which is adjustable from the inside of the helmet. This will protect it from icing and at any time you can open or close the ventilation.

Zip Mold ™ - patented a filler that forms a single internal and external protective part of the helmet soldered together, which allows to achieve the minimum weight of the helmet (only 300-350g.)


BOA Premium Liner —Premium liner with fine BOA micro adjustment.

Audio Ready Ear Guards - where you can put your headphones and enjoy your favorite playlist while riding.

 Τhin Shell - padding that retains its properties after many blows, sits very well and is almost not felt on the head.