TRITON by CARVER Signal 31" Surfskate Complete

TRITON by CARVER Signal 31" Surfskate Complete

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Surf Skate Triton by Carver Signal 31" 2021 - Complete

Everything about Triton is pure surf, from the classic Fish and Thruster shapes to the full white-dipped tops. The transparent color overlay graphics continue our tradition of using surfboard glassing styles adapted to print, incorporating a sophisticated palette that elevates their elegant simplicity. This tight collection of four models hits every major surfskate index, from the short and snappy to the long and carvy. An affordable entry into surfskate, the Triton series maintains the great quality and responsive performance you expect from Carver. Featuring the precision-pivot Carver CX truck set for a familiar and dependable surfskate feel, the series also comes with fast and grippy 68mm Roundhouse wheels and a 7 ply maple deck, each the result of 25 years of commitment to good design and durability.

A very versatile size and shape, Signal is a fast pumping classic surfskate ideal for everything from maneuverable driveway surfing to stable pushing through town.

Trucks:  Cx

Wheelbase (cm) 43.18cm
Wheel diameter 61mm
Collections 2021
Skateboard Width ( cm ) 24.76cm
Width Skateboard ( '' ) 9.75''
Skateboard Length ( cm ) 78.74cm
Longueur Skateboard ( '' ) 31.00"
Wheelbase '' 17''