SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec
SUNOVA One Ecotec

SUNOVA One Ecotec

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THE ONE range is the most forgiving range Sunova have got. These boards have the most all-round usable features of all our boards. Flatwater or surf, stability and comfort. It is a great first board or used by women as well as men. Sunova's goal with the ONE was to get every-ONE into the water.


About the board


10'2" x 33" x 4 11/16" x 184.1L x 11.70kg

10'11" x 34" x 4 11/16" x 203.0L x 12.00kg

General goal | theme of the board

An allround board that works well for the whole family no matter what the paddling discipline.

Conditions it's working best

Softer more open waves. From ankle high waves up to just overhead.

Maneuvers it does best

Vertical re-entries, tight snaps in the pocket.

 Skill level it's best for

Novice to Pro.

 Paddle Power

SPEED: Great for an allrounder.



WAVE CATCHING ABILITY: Amazing wave catching ability.

What you thought of when you designed it?

I wanted to design a board for the masses, something that anyone in the family could get on at any stage and enjoy. A real crowd pleaser and something that would always have its place in any garage or quiver.

What it possibly compromises on then?

Being an allround board it’s not the best performer out in the surf when the conditions become a little more critical. However, it will still handle quite a large range for an allrounder.

Shape details summary |
Design info


Slightly fuller nose, clean outline, area rounded pin..

With fuller nose, it helps the board climb on top of the water a little easier with the first few strokes, the center outline runs an identical arc to a high performance short board, but it has considerable tail area, finished off with a round tail, this tail area is instrumental in getting away quickly, the wave is able to pick up that area and propel it as opposed to a narrow tail that sinks deeper into the lip.. As you jump to your feet, that subtle squirt with the knees on the tail gives a little nudge in early.. The round tail allows you to keep tightening up a rail carve as your weight transitions onto the back foot more, so for a wide tail, it can surf amazingly tight off the back foot (Think McCoy Laser Zap). Also has great carry in the cut backs..


Full and boxy with harder bottom edges…

The fuller rails offer a different way to get speed on the take off, if the waves are softer, you bury the inside rail on the first pump, as the rail pops out, you can use this momentum to get the other rail in and continue with a rhythmic pumping action.. The harder edges have good release, so the board really wants to skate along fast on top of the water.. The boxiness of the rail allows really aggressive driving front foot cutbacks with very little chance of bogging the rail..


Full performance rocker…

With this amount of rocker, the board stays nice and loose and still fits the pocket even tho its wide with a chunkier rail, the combination of outline curve, concave and rocker work together to offset width and thickness, offering a sense of overall balance in the design..


Single concave..

One problem with really wide tails and boards, its harder to get them on the rail,  issue with a wide tail is the slippery feeling on the rail to rail transition, this is where you can go into an uncontrollable drift when turning under the lip at speed, one rail is engaged, then there is a brief moment where the board is flat before you can get the other rail in..



Deck is a fairly standard profile, with the overall board being a little thicker, this carries volume out to the rails in proportion, as well as into the nose and tail.. This volume in general offer a level of comfort when paddling and catching waves, the first few strokes are not spent climbing out of the water..


For top to bottom surfing the thruster will be the better option, as the waves get a little steeper and faster switch out to the quad to hold a higher more direct line, or if the waves are flatter and more open with little chance of top to bottom surfing, the quad is also an option…