Kyma  Side Bites Fins 2-fin set

Kyma Side Bites Fins 2-fin set

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  • SET OF 2 FINS can be used as side bites for longboards, or rear trailer fins for a quad fin setup. For Single Tab fins, longboards usually use the 3/4" base size, while quad trailer fins are usually 1/2" base. Check your fin box depth before ordering. Twin Tab only has one size, and can be used for longboard setup and quad fin setup.
  • Sidebite fins add POWER, DRIVE, and STABILITY to your single fin setup. Or turn your thruster setup into a QUAD setup, using these fins as your rear trailer fins.
  • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) construction combines fiberglass with polymer to create a durable fin with better flex than standard nylon plastic fins.
  • FCS Longboard side fins add drive to the traditional single fin setup, adding speed, control and stability through turns. They will also increase you ability to hang on the nose.
  • Base 98mm
  • Depth 98mm