Kyma Mount Sea Balance Board
Kyma Mount Sea Balance Board
Kyma Mount Sea Balance Board
Kyma Mount Sea Balance Board

Kyma Mount Sea Balance Board

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KYMA Balance Board is the way you were looking for improving your balance and body control. Perfect solution for all existing board sports such as skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and many more! Practice in any weather in any place!

Play with your Balance!
Trickboard Balance Board was designed to use it anywhere you want at any time. Improve your general balance and core muscle strength. Take it with your friends to the park and have loads of fun, check who is able to do and create the most exciting trick!

Get on and go hard!
Improve your stability, strengthen your core muscles and don’t forget about your legs and butt. Use KYMA Balance Board with your daily training routine, combine it with weight lifting, gymnastics, yoga or any other training. Become stronger while having fun!

Be Always one step forward!
KYMA Balance Board gives you the opportunity to improve your stability and balance and use it with any other athletics like canoeing, bicycling, martial arts, dance, basketball and many more. This list has no end. Surprise your friends and training partners with new skills.

-set of a board and roller
-hand made in EU with the best quality materials
-pleasant grip prevents from slipping off, feels good with shoes and bare foot
-roller stops won’t allow you to „go too far”

  • Board length: 87 cm
  • Board width: 30 cm
  • Board thickness: 2 cm
  • Board weight: 3.2 kg
  • Roll weight: 2.1kg 
  • Roll dimensions: 13 cm x 36.5 cm
  • Rider weight limit: 120 kg