Kyma 3 Piece Front Traction Pad

Kyma 3 Piece Front Traction Pad

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Evolve your surfboard traction with the Kyma 3 Piece Front Foot Traction Pad!

Say goodbye to ugly wax mess while protecting your surfboard. This front foot traction pad has just the right amount of stick while protecting your deck from dents and dings. The low profile feels natural and the front foot traction pad feels great under foot

The corduroy groove pattern ensures your foot won't slip through a bottom turn or critical manoeuvre.

Kyma 3 Piece Front Foot Traction Pad is the traction you need to evolve your surfing.


  • Low profile (just 2.5mm thick) feels natural under foot, connecting you to your board
  • Protects your surfboard deck from unsightly dings and dents
  • Corduroy groove pattern ensures your front foot will be locked to your board through turns and manoeuvres
  • Use with a tail pad and never bother with ugly wax mess again
  • Dimensions of each strip: 39cm long x 9cm wide x 2.5mm thick